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2 Inch Balls vanish, appear, and multiply in the spectator’s hands!

Only 7.00 and Free same day shipping



1 1/2 Inch Balls vanish, appear, and multiply in the spectator’s hands!
Only 6.00 +Free Shipping

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Make objects appear, disappear and more with the amazing Top Secret Kit. Perform 101 magic tricks using the magician’s secret thumb tip. Includes a basic thumb tip (one size), a red silk handkerchief, one premium thumb tip, and a booklet teaching 101 thumb tip tricks.

Only 9.00 and Free Same Day Shipping



The world’s most popular trick deck! Riffle the cards and they become all the same, then all different again. Many effects possible. Includes booklet of 101 tricks.



Only 7.00 and Free Same day Shipping 



The magician displays a stack of four nickels and a small brass cap, just large enough to cover the nickels. The cap is placed over the nickels, covering them completely. When the cap is lifted, four dimes are found, the nickels have vanished completely! The step by step instructions in the included booklet will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your Nickels to Dimes coin set.each Nickels to Dimes set w/ instruction booklet


Only 9.00 and free same day shipping



A classic of magic. Solid balls penetrate solid cups and jump from cup to cup. For a finale, balls or pieces of fruit may be produced. The oldest and best concept in magic. You get three cups and a set of white pom pom balls. Complete with instructions. Packed in a full color box. Only 7.00 and Free shipping



The Amazing Magic Set is filled with professional effects that are easy to do. This set includes the Amazing Stripper Deck with 101 trick booklet, Top Secret Vanishing gimmick with silk handkerchief and booklet of 101 tricks, Sponge Balls and 25 trick booklet, Amazing Three Rope Trick and 75 tricks with a Regular Deck Booklet. Perform over 300 effects! Only 25.00 and you get free shipping



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