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On this page you will find Slides, Capos, Picks and other parts as well as New and Vintage Dobros as they become available. Be sure to check back often as I plan to keep this page updated.Some special order item will require a little longer to ship since it is custom made.  

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page cause there is lots of stuff on here and you might miss something


Dobro Strap Black Leather
Brand New Leather Dobro Strap.Made by L & M Strap company.These straps are very comfortable and are kinda plain jane straps.Made from light weight leather and they are fully adjustable,Fastens on the button at the bottom and around head at the top.There are no metal parts or buckles on this strap to scratch that Dobro when you put it in the case.A real nice inexpensive strap.Shipping is free to the lower 48 .And it comes with a Lord Hevys Music Satisfaction Guarantee and same day shipping.All this for 25.00 and shipping.Your sure to be on your way to Nashville with this strap.

Only 25.00 And Free Shipping to the lower 48 
Intro to Dobro DVD
by David Ellis is the companion DVD to the Dobro Primer Book and is a beginner lesson for dobro or resonator guitar. This video lesson will teach you how to play the dobro by starting off with the absolute basics. You will learn parts of the dobro, proper right and left hand technique, how to use the bar, how to read tab, and tuning. You will then learn how to play some famous bluegrass tunes. All of the songs on the DVD are performed at two speeds to help you practice and progress. $14.95

Only 14.96 and 2.05 Saame Day Shipping

Dobro Primer Book
by David Ellis is the companion book to the Intro to Dobro DVD and is specially designed for the beginning dobro player. A dobro may also be known as a resonator or resophonic guitar. This course starts with the absolute basics and advances to playing popular bluegrass tunes. The book features many photos and illustrations that teach you proper playing technique, how to read tab, how to tune a dobro and more. The book provides detailed instruction on right hand picking technique and how to use the bar with your left hand. We'll then put all of these techniques together to play some bluegrass tunes. All music is written in tablature and standard music notation. This course includes an audio CD that plays all music exercises and songs at two speeds. $14.95 and 2.05 Same day Shipping

Only 14.95 and 2.05 Same day Shipping



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Shubb Capo for Dobro C6b

The Shubb clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone. It uses the same patented locking action of our Shubb guitar capo, and it aligns by touching the fret, not by eye, making it fast and accurate.This is the best capo ever put on a resophonic guitar.

Only 42.00 and FREE Shipping to the lower 48


Axl Steel Slide
At last a Steel or Dobro Slide tone bar at an affordable Price.
This slide weighs in at 4.9 ounces (139 grams) and is 2 3/4 inches (6.9 cm) long. Nickle plated steel with a high sheen and very nice to hold. Dont be fooled by others who would have you pay high shipping and handling fees. We never make our money through postage or an other shady method. And we always ship the same day as order recived.And as always we offer a satisfaction guarentee.

 Only 18.00 and free shipping to the lower 48


Only 18.00 and Free Shipping to the lower 48



The original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse is favored by many 8-string lap steel and Bluegrass guitarists for its extra length (3 3⁄8") and cutaway bullet tip.

Only 32.00 and Free shipping to the lower 48



It’s design suggested by Peter Grant, the extra mass (for tone) and double cutaway (for control) make this a versatile bar for various styles of resophonic and lap steel guitar.

Only 32.00 and FREE shipping to the lower 48



Shubb Pearse SP3

Designed by Sally Van Meter for playing bluegrass, or any of today’s demanding slide guitar styles. It’s built for speed, precision, control, and great tone.

Buy it Now for 32.00 and Free Shipping


Shubb GS 1
The GS Steel represents the most significant step yet in the evolution of the guitar steel.
  • The stainless steel edge is designed for clean pulloffs.
  • The wood grain provides a good grip for best control.
  • The hardwood handle is weighted for proper balance.
  • The contoured top allows your hand to be in a relaxed, natural position

Only 42.00 and FREE shipping to the lower 48



Stevens Steel Slide Bar
The traditional favorite for dobro, pedal steel, Hawaiian guitar styles!
Made of heavy steel for maximum life! Grooved top and contoured sides for easy play and maximum control.

Only 24.00 and Free Shipping to the lower 48


Below are 4 of the many different sets of Picks we sell for Dobro or Banjo.You can choose the set you want in the drop down menu.These sets all come with a Zookie thumbpick with your choice of blade angle in 10 or 20 . The finger picks are Propicks and are available in Nickle or brass.Cost is 12.00 per set and you get fee shipping to the lower 48.

Choose pickset

Thumbpick Angle



STD2 Brass Set

STD2 Nickle Set


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