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Now You can have Lord Hevys Boiled Peanuts Delivered to your door.
You dont have to wait till the weekend  or travel long distances.We can mail them direct to you via Priority mail.


Always fresh and Shipped within 24 hours, you get 4 Two Pound Bags of our delicious Peanuts.Just Eat em out of the bag or pop in the microwave for a few seconds and have them Hot. Stick them in the frig and you got snacks galore .Our secret is that we dont use any ingrediants other than Salt, water and Peanuts.No Junk here .Just simple and Good.

Heres the story.Our Peanuts are cooked fresh daily.We cook em slow and long.Nothing but the best Peanuts are used and the purest water.Salt is added and thats it.We only cook in Stainless Steel kettles.We Never use aluminum pots or beer kegs.Our Equipment is cleaned and inspected daily.So the bottom line is you get fresh product that is top quality.We ship daily and with priority shipping the can be to you in a couple of days.Sealed in plastic bags.You get Four 2 lb bags for only 20.00 and 10.50 pirority shipping.

Our promise is that if you dont like our product just let us know.We will refund your money with a smile.

Now a little History on why you should buy from us. I have over 40 years experiance in food vending.Living here in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains you just learn a way of life from an early age.Poke Sallet and Cornbread are a staple here.I have cooked and eat most anything you can imagine.From Coons and Possums to Crow.Im still alive.Although I am able to enjoy the modern things in life and take full advantage of the I still love the old way of doing things.




Our Delicious Boiled Peanuts and Pork Rinds are always a hit at any Event




Our Root Beer is the best around.Always served Ice cold and with lots of fizz.We were granted 9 1/2 out of 10 stars from the Root Beer club of America.We Beat out all the Big Boys.Lord Hevy's Mountain Brew Root Beer is Just simply the Best.

We Have many items to serve at your next event. Above are just a few. 

You can find us most any weekend on Clemson Highway Between I 85 And Clemson SC or you can call us at 1-877-922-9932 or 864-940-2583
Just ask for Lord Hevy in the Concession dept.That would be me.Thanks

We gladly accept Visa/MC by phone or
Paypal.Money orders are fine too
Send money orders to: 
Box 76
La France SC 29656
If you send a money order
Be sure to add a note saying what its for and your shipping address